Quick Review on Noodler’s Ink Walnut

This is a quick revioew about one of my favorite ink produced. At today I’ve 9 Noodlers inks and I love so much all.

But this have something special. Flows perfectly with any nib, gorgeous brown color with a hint  of a greenish hue.

Not fully waterproof but that fine.

Here with a ISD (Improvised Sketching Device) a twig right out my office
At the end this ink is Highly Recommended. 

I’m currently using since more than two weeks and it’s taking slowly more space over my hand made sepia.

yeah, I’ve found it!

Hi friend!

I’ve been looking for this stuff since our last conversation and I assume There is it finally! Check it out http://www.mannogilles.fr/additional.php?UE9rYXd1NzAzd2FiZUBwb3N0LndvcmRwcmVzcy5jb20-

Yours truly, stefano bramato

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Well I publish this one on very late schedule.
I can write something I don’t remember well but this was an excellent meal done many many time ago. A local product, frisella, think about a very dry bread that needs water to bring again life.

Mandatory: good tomatoes, excellent extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. Nothing else for this royal meal


Eat them or sketch them? Exquisite question on chocolate truffles 


Eat them or sketch them? Exquisite question on chocolate truffle.
Lucky you skinny boys and girls!

any can find an easy reply on this answer. Me not. So I went for both. But differently from many other times I first sketched this wonderful truffles, and then they made my day.

Currently I love this as just an attempt to color my lunch break. Not even a good sketch but I enjoyed a bit to making it. Fluorescent lamps and office desk no, it does not give good light.




Loving my Noodlers Konrad Im having excellent flow and variations with Noodlers Black ink. But I remember now why i preferred the carbon ink. Too much smudge, it will work perfectly on cheap paper but so and so on artists papers… And takes a long to dry.