Sketching challenge: going in the negative way

Sketching challenge: going in the negative way

Sketching challenge: I challenge my self in sketching like drawing in negative.
Instead of drawing on white paper and going to make shadows with black or darkening, I have to make some sketching like lithography, so going with white instead of black or grey for the shadowing.

The reason? I don’t know, but I think it can improve my not impressive skills. Even so it’s so funny and reminds me when, in another life, I was a pro photographer, and I developed the skill to look the pictures most of time in negative before printing, black and white fine art mostly, so maybe it’s just a remember going again.

Although it’s not that easy to me I had a lot of fun and I think I will repeat this exercise. Just a side note, in almost every pad that I have I do make a layering of color (acrylics, gouache, drawing ink, whatever) randomly in the pages. So from time to time they appears and so the challenge.

So I choose to sketch the things next to me first, and to complicate more I choose a shiny metallic surface (sigh) so here it is the sketching of the water boiler. I tried also to draw my self and some reflections on the sketching.
This time for the background I chosed Winsor & Newton drawing Inks and for drawing I used the white Sakura Gelly Roll first and then also the white Stabilo All China Marker so to deepen and further improving the shadowing.
sketching boiler 02

Not having enough I went again to this challenge, trying to sketch even a white roll of paper with white… You know something that I feel weird but funny.
sketching paper roll 01

Later I reverted these two pictures so to better see the results and also to please my left brain, that was so bored with this weird exercise.
They look like an old etching on brass on copper…
sketching boiler 02 negative
sketching paper roll 01 negative

So now I need to relax, and so it’s the time to make some good “normal” sketching on dark backgrounds. This time I used the tools as before and plus my faithful Pentel Brush Pen.
And I felt more relaxed mixing all the ingredients again.sketching boiler 01
sketching ac remote control

Hope you like them as I had a lot of fun.


Ps: don’t try to understand the notes, they are there just liberally… 🙂

Sketching just after the sunset on the sea dam

Sketching just after the sunset on the sea dam

Sketching just after the sunset on the sea dam it’s just an excuse that me and my lovely took for having a good walk and an a happy promenade near the sea.

Since walking near the sea is healthy for the baby that’s coming and obviously also for us, since we leave not that fare from the sea, we used to go to have a nice promenade. And going out to find inspiration for sketching it’s you know, it’s an excuse, but not that much.

So we went out later than usual, around 7:00 PM but sadly we are experiencing that the sunset is coming sooner and sooner everyday, we are feeling also that the summer is slowly fading away.
I’m thinking that this coming sooner of the sunset is obviously bad for going out for sketching, but it’s also not that nice for going out with the bike. Infact I love to go out for sketching with  my bike after work, and going out for work at 5:00 PM now it means that I can go around for less than 2 hours.
This winter probably I have to organized differently, or going less out for sketching… so sad!

So after a good and happy promenade with a lot of talking we arrived just at the end of the first dam. The sun went down to the horizon, there was a clean shiny moon, but all the lights were still not on. And once seated on the side of the dam we started some sketching and drawing. I sketched this over the sunset, and there was no that much light, everything was surrounded by a velvety blue-violet hue. Marvellous for the eyes, not that much for my ugly sketching. With my Lamy Safari I feel very comfortable and it was gliding on the paper. The more I use it, the more I enjoy it.

sketching after the sunset at the dam

And the light was dropping down quickly so I set out the Pentel Brush Fude Pen and I sketched someone close to me (in every meaning) quickly. She was journaling and drawing too.

sketching my love drawing at the sunset

So I quickly washed with my favorite watercolors. The challenge for these kind of sketching, to me, is always to see the morning after what I did the sunset before. And I like these challenges.

Hope you enjoyed.


Making some more recycled sketch pads

Making some more recycled sketch pads

Oh yes, still making more recycled sketch pads from paper trims from my office.
Sincerely I feel good when I can recycle everything and why not, even more if I can use something coming from my office and I can recycle for my creativity.

So making this recycled sketch pads is something special, funny, and easy overall.
I used this time trims from bad prints of photocopiers paper, wrapping paper, envelope carb box used for international deliveries and old blue thick paper from old folders.
I made different sketch pads recycling different materials, and mixing them in the same booklet so to have from time to time  a different challenge. For example I made a sketch pad with paper taken from photocopiers paper and some brown wrapping paper. But I did also the opposite, I made some wrapping paper sketch pads with few white sheets.

recycled sketch pads

So I made this sketch pads, I binded with a linen thread (I like linen thread) and I binded with the simplest way to bind, the pamphlet binding. Again this kind of binding is quite easy to make and it’s easy to bind even in the lunch break.
I just need a bigger paper-cutter, so to trim more paper like this one or better like this one that is sturdier (too pricey for now indeed), or to find a good paper-cutter to trim at least 20-30 pages thick sketch pads.

Hope you like my recycled sketch pads!

Sketching at the dentist

Sketching at the dentist

Even sketching at the dentist! In these days I feel like unstoppable!
Yesterday another full afternoon at the dentist. Me first and later my wife.

I was with my wife, and so the doctor was curing her slowly. Obviously going slowly, my wife cannot talk for obvious reasons: great match for sketching the doctor operating. 🙂

sketching at the dentist

I sketched very quickly, and between pause showing the becoming results to my audience there. I was reluctant to do it but she wanted also to make a picture so it’s okay. More over the time while sketching fled so fast…

I did this sketching not using my grab bag but using my Micro Kit. I wasted my cheap pigmented pen because I left it uncapped so I used my Pilot V-Pen (Varsity in US markets), that probably is the best disposable fountain pen in the world. But the ink, excellent for any use, is quite average for art because it smudges a bit as you can see here. Than I did just a couple of washes with my watercolors of my micro kit (6 colors are quite enough…) and et voilà!
I hope you will like it!


Sketching live music a fantastic duo

Sketching live music a fantastic duo

Sketching live music is one of the most challenging task for a sketcher. Even more if you are listening to a fantastic duo that plays a lot in very expressive way.

So, yesterday night we went to listen some good live music from this fantastic duo Musica Nuda. We know this duo since the origin, many years ago and the main features are that it’s a duo, voice plus a fantastic guy playing contrabass. It’s one of the most interesting musical projects in Italy but also they play a lot all over Europe, mainly in France.
She has a very charismatic voice, incredible tonal range, and a lot of presence on stage. He has great talent in playing contrabass, in many ways not only the “classical” way.

It was a real challenge to make sketching in this live concert because… they are simply mesmerizing me.
I just was able to make two sketching with  my cheapie pigmented pen and only couple of watercolor washes.

First of all some warm up
at the concert musica nuda 02

But after this “warm up” above the sketching ended with this one, and I was not able to make anything more because she is so capturing and moving on stage and the voice… so I felt to not lose all these nuances in the voices. So for these night sketching is over.
sketching at the concert musica nuda