Some sketches on the beach

Going to beach and going also for sketching offers several advantages: sun, warmth, iodine and healthy air, a nice company with my wife, and free modeling.

I was just curious about these young people having fun with the first bahs in June, where here the sea water is still cold. Drawings with Pentel Brush Pen and writings with Sigma Micron Liner.

I’m a crap in drawing faces, especially with the Pentel Fude Pen, but I like the mood.

All drawings made on Canson dessing paper that I love so much. Pentel Fude Pen, Winsor&Newton watercolors and quite a lot of mechanical pencil with 2B lead.

Sketching recipes

this is another way I love to sketch. Call it illustration, call it drawing, call it crap, I love to sketch recipes that are worth to be loved. And eaten.

I draw as main pages the ingredients and then on the other side I write the process. I loooove to do that. I even made some cards with recipes and gifted to some friends while I was on vacation.

These are jsut two examples.

All my recipes are mandatory to be written on Moleskine or Seawhite travel journals, since they are to last long and also they are looking fine.
Winsor&Newton Artists watercolors over Platinum Carbon ink driven by a Lamy Safari waterpen.