Platinum Mix Free Earth Brown Ink personal review

Platinum Mix Free Earth Brown

This is my second love from Platinum Inks, the Platinum Mix Free. My love for Platinum started with the Carbon Black ink that is marvelous, under every aspect. My Lamy Safary never went wrong with this black ink.

I was reading so much about this inks series, the Platinum Mix Free, and reading good reviews all around the Internet.
So I decided to have a try with one of this Mix Free series and I ordered the earth brown on with some more stuff, obviously.
Probably I will order another one in the future of the same brand, maybe one green and I will try to mix some. I don’t now. Maybe another black or one of the beautiful teal or blue that are in the catalogue. But if these colors are not in the catalog i can mix them to fin my perfect blue-black.
Mmmmh with these inks are designed to be mixed and I don’t want to boost this thoughts. Ehehe they are addictive and I don’t want to think how many colors I can make in my fountain pens by mixing these colors so to have a lifetime supply of inks.

Platinum Mix Free Earth Brown Ink

Here some sketches just to test the washing properties. Yes the washing properties or to be water-resistant. Surprisingly is fairly water-resistant until a certain point where it can show it  vivid red stays in place.

Platinum mix free earth brown ink sample drawing

This is an excellent fountain pen ink, flows and writes very smoothly. Has some resistance to water but I didn’t buy this ink to wash over like the Carbon ink, but to use it like a sanguine or to write something special. The tone is just fine, some shading, and I see also some green shading on cheapest papers. This ink seems to be like a Burnt Sienna tone in a liquid form and so I like it more.
Since I was studying arts this was, I don’t know why, one of my favorite color. I like earths.


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