How To Relax Before A Sporting Performance

How To Relax Before A Sporting Performance

I’m currently also a freediver. Freediving is probably the most introspective sport, where the mind plays a terrific role: to fight against the instinct of breathing. Well fighting is not much correct, let’s say that the mind is distracting your other mind asking for fresh air.

Freediving is a sport for everyone, every age.

Yes relaxation, after Jacques Mayol took from yoga (and prana yoga mainly), gave a boost for this fantastic sport where you have to be fish.

This is a quick sketch while me and my team mates were relaxing on yoga mats near the pool.That ahppened one year ago for the Italian Indoor Championship.


It’s a fresh very loose quick sketch. I hope you like it. I love it.

I love this sport where you should relax and breath (many times sleep) before the sporting performance…

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