Sketching a gas station

Sketching a gas station

I’m looking to make sketching of more gas stations. Working or not working conditions I am still fascinated by gas stations. I’ve spotted many that I want to sketch. At least two of them are really near my office, so I can go during the lunch break. Also I like to sketch them with something surrounded, usually gas station are too much colored or too much greyness, and in this case it’s nice to insert also some colorful details.

I did this sketching really quickly in less than twenty minutes, and considered that I love to do sketching slower than possible it’s a lot. I was interrupted many time for many reasons and apart from the time involved, it can distract me detaching my right brain with the happiness of my left brain that loves to overwhelm my right brain immediately.That’s the way because I’m also noticing more than necessary errors. Yes it’s a sketch, but you know, I feel that I can make a better job. I think I will consider this like a sketching of a sketch.:)

So said, I’m not fully happy of this sketch but at least I had some good time alone relaxing under a very cloudy day.

sketching a gas station

For this sketching I used my fantastic Lamy Safari filled with Platinum Carbon Ink over a Seawhite of Brighton Euro Sketchpad. Watercolors are my faithful Winsor&Newton Artists’ pocket sketcher box.

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    1. I like the older ones, better in lonely places. Preferably dismissed ones, no matter how big or small they are. So full of history! If they only could talk…

  1. The camper puts into perspective how small the pumping area is, tiny gas station. Go nuts with color try this fun exercise draw something and assign unusual colors for example make everything that was supposed to be green red or make all your shadows purple and whites yellow.

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