Sketching a ground flattener or something like that

Sketching a ground flattener or something like that

Today at lunch break I found the way to have some healthy sketching.
In these days there are a lot of noises or several kind in the place I work. There are a lot of heavy machines around, trucks, many vehicles and so on. So during the lunch break I went pout just curious, with my sketching grabย  bag obviously, challenging the noise, daring against the dust and breathing I don’t know what.
But you know, sometimes everything is better than remaining sticky to the monitor in the office, and of course could be a different chance to sketch something different. And that’s the last statement that says to me “hey you’re not sketching that much, please do something”. It seems strange but sketching has impact to me mentally, physically and spiritually. I like to observe, I like to understand, I like to live and I like to paint. Simple as that.

So I seated under a safe distance form the work area where now they are graveling under a big fig tree and over white soft stones. It’s a nice warm day and there is a plenty of sun. And that’s was about my view. Still don’t know what’s the name of this machine in english.
sketching a working truck under a tree

In the start the flattening machine was off. Then a worker run on the engine so the big yellow machine started moving back and forth on the white gravel. Consequence is that I took major part of the shape of this truck but I tried also to finish some details and the color of the body while it was moving. Quite difficult. Different perspective from the original one. And movement. And more noise. ๐Ÿ™‚

So despite the bad weather forecasts of the next weekend I’m taking any good moment for sketching even with these roaming and shaking beasts around my office.

And this is the result. The picture is quite overexposed (damn cell phones ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and I lost a lot of details on the background and the indian yellow, simply perfect for this task is like a normal bright yellow losing some warmth. I suggest to use the indian yellow more often…
sketching a working truck ground flattener

As usual my faithful companions were my faithful Lamy Safari filled with Platinum Carbon Ink and Winsor & Newton Artists’ watercolors over a Seawhite multimedia sketch pad.

I guess I’ve to shoot again this picture because the beauty of the indian yellow is gone and so the olive green background.

Do you know how was made indian yellow before modern pigments? No?
So let’s read here, it’s a nice story… ๐Ÿ˜‰

19 Replies to “Sketching a ground flattener or something like that”

  1. My son is a heavy equipment operator, he tells me this machine is a roller not a grader.

    I love the rendering you’ve done. And I love the color Indian Yellow! I use it for painting sunflowers…perfect color.

    1. Joan,
      you’re right. That indian yellow is a rich hue that I too think to be perfect for sunflowers. Good idea.
      the only drawback of the indian yellow that is not that permanent or lightfast as other yellows…
      Thanks in stopping by!

  2. It is called a “roller” and the story of Indian yellow is quite as vivid as the color. Another great sketch..

  3. Isn’t it great that you can sketch and paint something without even knowing what it is called (I’m not sure, either)! You have captured its essence well.

  4. Come non condividere il tuo entusiasmo per questo bellissimo colore? Ed รจ ottima anche la scelta del soggetto, che esalta la luminositร  magnifica di questi giorni di ottobre!

    1. Thanks Nancy, that’s good to know… YOu call it roller and other friend call it grader. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I like thos kind of things where is not easy to label… more dynamic. Anyway, thanks for the compliments!

  5. I think that machine is a grader. But I like ground flattener better! and I love the rendering, too. Yes, good for you for getting out and drawing whatever’s there.

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