Sketching an attempt of self portrait

Sketching an attempt of self portrait

One of the most difficult tasks to me is the sketching of self-portrait. OK, sketching live people is difficult, or drawing the human figure is difficult. But to me seems more difficult to make my self-portrait.

I did this ugly attempt on my dear journal some days ago.
I was thinking about drawing me in this diary, andΒ  rather to glue some picture of me to see in the future for the baby, I said withΒ  my invisible friend “OK, let’s make a self-portrait”. I’m impressed, sorry, I’m actually scared to draw my figure, and more to make a self portrait, especially with these results.

So I can make this statement: sketching a good self-portrait is quite difficult, to me will be impossible.

And the results are here: several very different people. One looks a man who was jailed for several years, the other a bold man, and even worst I made also some humor on my figure. Moreover I took this picture at night with my phone ( as usually… I need to improve) and the results are even more astonishing to say at least. Wow, the more I look here the more I scare my self.


I did all these brute sketching using my lovely Lamy Safari filled with Platinum Carbon Ink and for the greys Talens Ecoline Warm Grey borrowed from my sister. Talens Ecoline are liquid watercolors very common here in Italy and Europe and they are quite good. Very used by illustrators or people who don’t like classical watercolors in pans or tubes and coloring people like my sister. They can be mixed each other very easily. My sister mix them with practically any other watercolor, acrylic, gouache whatever and she has a lot of fun.

I’m thinking to steal to my sister this warm grey Ecoline if not more Ecoline from his desk…




21 Replies to “Sketching an attempt of self portrait”

  1. My suggestion is: why not post a photo of yourself so we can see if your self portraits resemble your “real” self.

  2. If you ever go to prison, you will know what you’ll look like. πŸ˜‰ I’m kidding — these are all delightful, Stefano! Self-portraits do not have to resemble you because they are more like expressions of the moment.

    1. Thank you Jen! The pity is that all these guys should be me and I don’t even look like them. My wife confirms that I’m better looking but you know… :)))

  3. Well done for attempting to sketch yourself – a difficult job for sure!
    Not knowing what you look like, I can’t tell how good the likeness is, but I like the drawings a lot!

  4. Hi Stefano, I can never draw my portrait and get it in my own likeness. But one has to try these exercises and practice makes perfect. Love your prison guy! πŸ™‚

  5. Don’t worry about the perfect likeness, Stefano!
    I don’t know if it looks like you, but I like the fourth portrait, I think it’s really good !

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