Sketching another sea wave

Sketching another sea wave

Sketching another sea wave after the earlier drawing my lovely wife, in this post. I was very inspired to do this wave, again. Probably because I love so deeply the sea, the waves, in every state. I love the sea when it’s calm, when is wavy because the wind, I love it when it’s raining or when it’s sunny. I always love the sea. And when I go out for work  or not, and I ave to stay long time far from the sea I feel uncomfortably numb for some way. The sea, my sea, it’s all I need sometimes.

Sometimes happens also that I go out seeking the sea without any reason, or any apparent reason. Probably just to see the deep blue or the hues of the blue and green that only the see could give. In any season and in any circumstance, under any light I think that the sea is something strong and powerful to my mind. So I think it’s like a present gave to us and as a gift it has to be protected. But this is another story.

By the way, this is another attempt of my personal wave. Probably you will find a lot of artists inspiring me in sketching this wave and that’ fine to me. At least it shows that I like many artists, especially the graphics ones. And I think also that I will draw more about this subject, for sure.

Sketching another sea wave

I’m having a lot of fun in sketching with the Noodler’s  Navy Blue Ink. It’s a hue that I love a lot. It’s not completely water-resistant so I used this specific to my purposes: add blue washes in the waves and sea and sky. I added only a spot on the sky with a touch of ivory black watercolor. I think it’s enough and I’m quite satisfied. For now.

Good night.

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