Sketching at meetings

Sketching at meetings

Still not finding enough time in these days for sketching. Time for changes at home and at work, so the time is shrinking but what is really shrinking is the mind strength.

At work we are preparing for changes for the new comer,even if the baby is not due next week I’ve to keep moving scaffolds, mounting, preparing, planning and organizing, before my wife’s belly becomes too large for any step.
At work I’m following a lot of training about my new duties, so it sounds not proper to me, to sketch something while I’m learning.

But at home I’m only sketching on my dear journal, and at work I’m sketching only during meetings. During my lunch break my mind comes full filled by a bunch of new knowledge that takes rest just looking further to the horizon, you know what I mean.

So these are my sketches during several meetings. I made all with my Pilot V-Pen refilled first with Noodler’s Black and then with a secret mix of Noodler’s Black and Noodler’s Navy Blue over a recycled paper sketch pad that I bought several time ago.

The secret mix is 5 part of black and 1 part of Navy: it comes out like a very dark green, like an intense Perilene green.
This fantastic pen comes very hand for this kind of experiments…

sketching at meeting 03

sketching at meeting 02

sketching at meeting 04


sketching at meeting 05

After any end of meeting… is required the coffee… Here the sketching of a “moka”, the real italian coffee machine. 🙂

sketching at meeting 01


17 Replies to “Sketching at meetings”

  1. Thank you for sharing your “secret” mix! And I ordered a bottle of Diamine Gray! Can’t wait to try it!

  2. Moving scaffolding? Where? At home? I hope all the changes are done before the baby arrives. At work you’ve been promoted to a position with more duties and responsibilities…a mirror of your private life! In life you’ve been promoted to the new roll of daddy, a position of GREAT responsibly…lots going on for you. I love the sketches and the color of the ink mix…it’s amazing that you can mix mostly black with a bit of blue and get green! Magic!

    1. Hello Joan,
      thanks a lot for your kind words.
      You know, I don’t know if I am promoted at work but at home… let;’s say I applied for a new position! 🙂
      The Navy Blue Ink is like a dark teal, and so with black comes more with grey. It was just a try.

  3. Love the sketches! Great use of meeting time!
    Congrats on the expected arrival in your family!

  4. Great sketches, lots of texture and the color ink is lovely. What a great mix. Sounds like your life is changing in all areas. Blessings to you and your family.

    1. Beth is true. Life is changing in some aspect. While in work is minor (until now), in life is changing a lot!
      Thanks for the blessing!

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