Sketching at the dentist

Sketching at the dentist

Even sketching at the dentist! In these days I feel like unstoppable!
Yesterday another full afternoon at the dentist. Me first and later my wife.

I was with my wife, and so the doctor was curing her slowly. Obviously going slowly, my wife cannot talk for obvious reasons: great match for sketching the doctor operating. 🙂

sketching at the dentist

I sketched very quickly, and between pause showing the becoming results to my audience there. I was reluctant to do it but she wanted also to make a picture so it’s okay. More over the time while sketching fled so fast…

I did this sketching not using my grab bag but using my Micro Kit. I wasted my cheap pigmented pen because I left it uncapped so I used my Pilot V-Pen (Varsity in US markets), that probably is the best disposable fountain pen in the world. But the ink, excellent for any use, is quite average for art because it smudges a bit as you can see here. Than I did just a couple of washes with my watercolors of my micro kit (6 colors are quite enough…) and et voilà!
I hope you will like it!


10 Replies to “Sketching at the dentist”

  1. Stefano, you managed to create beauty out of something the most people would consider unpleasant to experience, the dentist!

  2. I thought about doing this at my last appointment, but Im a rather nervouse client so they wisked me in as soon as I got there and after they were done I could not wait to get out of there… But I like your sketch, and I like how the ink smudges just a bit…

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