Sketching at the Sea Port promenade

Sketching at the Sea Port promenade

I like sketching at the Sea Port, especially at the promenade side, where the view is just in front the main monument of my city.

I made this sketching thursday afternoon, just after work. Thursday was a great day for sketching because I sketched also the gas station, tiny gas station exactly for what commented! I like that people who are making comments on my sketching and that they do observing deeply.

By the way it was a very cloudy day, but I went out with my bike, after work, challenging the weather that here is not that often cloudy and rainy. I probably challenged the rain drops but I like it, it’s freshness that touch me instead of the hellish humid weather that I suffer.

I found very pleasant to go for sketching the same subject, the Sea Port with the promenade and some buildings, because if I sketch the same theme (and there’s nothing bad indeed) I like to add small variations just like jazz.  The small variation this time are the bad but nice to draw sky and some different buildings and details of the sea promenade.I think that one day I will go for sketching the full sea port view by doing several sheets or just one sheet one meter long… 🙂
The other funny thing to tell is that I was seated on my folding tripod but, facing on the sea port view, i was on top of a bulwark and my sitting position lower than the usual, and i felt like a child drawing on the top of a big table. It was a lot comfortable indeed because I left all the art weapons on top like a stone desktop. 🙂
sketching the port 01

So I went sketching very relaxed, some tiny drops now and then not a big deal, I was feeling very comfortable. I sketched slowly and it took about 50 minutes, but I felt so well that I want badly to do it again changing again some perspective.

I used as usual my faithful Lamy Safari with EF nib and Platinum Carbon Ink. What a killing combination, I never complain so far. For the watercolors in these days I was using again this light Artists’ plastic kit from the old faithful Winsor&Newton watercolors, but for this one I used the probably the best kit (to me obviously) in the world around: the Deluxe 16 Half Pan Heavyweight Metal Sketchers Box that I bought from Jackson’s Art, because colors are not too much and not that few. And now it’s becoming very rare to find even used…


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  1. I love the sky in your sketch…I have a terrible time with skies done in watercolor. You live in such a picturesque city. We have nothing so wonderful where I live.

    1. Hello Joan,
      even my city is small and somewhat boring, and there are always the same things to happen. It’s just about us to find everywhere, even in the kitchen sink something beautiful. And art can make beautiful everything! Cheers!

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