Sketching before dinner and making some more pads

Sketching before dinner, after dinner and making some more pads

Sketching is always good before dinner, during the dinner and after dinner. So what?
Hummmm, yes it’s like an appetizer I suppose. Better! Just kidding. 🙂
Today at work I had no chance to sketch during the lunch break for several reasons. But I found time to make quickly some more sketch pads, recycling more badly photocopiers paper and folder covers. This is becoming an addictive exercise but even after all is funny and is useful. More I gifted two of them to my colleagues that appreciated a lot. You know is always useful to have some pad around for doodling, sketching, calligraphy or simply note taking.

Sketching skeetch pads recycled

So after work I went out with my bike around to buy a folding seat to leave on the back of the bike. So now if I don’t find a comfortable place for sketching I will open this tripod-like folding seat and I feel so happy. I had a nice afternoon, and since going around to find inspiration I didn’t sketch anything but I met some old friends. But what rewarded me I stopped by an art exhibition where there was my friend and University Teacher Massimo Guastella, that is the organizer of this nice art exhibition. And i gifted him the remaining recycled sketching pads. He also appreciated a lot…
So also recharging batteries, going to museums or an art show or exhibition is good for the soul of a sketcher. And next week I will go to Rome… yeah. I think I will sketch some good stuff. I hope. 🙂

So I came back home without any sketch did in my pocket but full of positive vibration and my wife was making and dressing for the dinner. But there was a shining composition of oil, water and tomatoes that caught my mind. And I made this sketch.
Sketching oil water and tomatoes before dinner

But I was starving for food and for sketching. Ok, after eating an excellent dinner I also sketched on my dear journal and a couple more of ugly doodling. But what happened is that our house in these days is full of fresh fruits brought by my father-in-law that has a small piece of country side. So my lovely one dress all the fruits in a fashionable way and with any light I see and I admire fruits in the kitchen as art. God thank you. And I needed to make one more sketching because I’m felling gin love with peaches and plums  that are living at home, not mentioning some  wild small sweet pears. So I woke up after went to bed after dinner only to make some sketching of this fruits. Am I mad? Probably yes but tomorrow probably they will be not more there… 🙂 Okay, I will sketch more fruits also tomorrow! I spotted the pears.

Sketching peaches and plums during the night

I was worried to see the colors this morning, but I think it went not that bad.

I went straight to ink these times to sketch faster and as always I used my Lamy Safari fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon Ink, and Winsor&Newton Watercolors for the colored side of the moon. :). And thanks to SeaWhite of Brighton in making these good sketch pads. And thank to the japanese guys at Pentel in inventing the water brushes that I never thanks enough.


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