Sketching camping sea sun nature day two

Sketching camping sea sun nature day two

Camping sea sun nature and sketching day two.
Today was definitively a better day for many reason. Yesterday night was a really fresh night and so we had a great rest from the heat of the day. And today is the same. we are chilling under the moon and the stars.

This day was also very positive for sketching. Today we dressed our folding camping table, full of colors, many pads and liters of water to drink. Although the hot weather we tried today to have fun. This is the picture of the table dressed with the classical checkered towel, and full of art materials. Please notice on the lower corner the device for my rhinitis. Please also note in the other corner one of the great sketching of my love, I like a lot her way to make joyful and a happy journal for the baby. She likes to use a lot of colors.Today sketching was like being subwater holding the breath from one wash to another…
sketching at camping sketching table 02

I started sketching our orange gas lamp, a great camping classic, stuck on the tree in front of our tent, under the pine. And I did it as warm up on my pocket SeaWhite of Brighton sketch pad. I went straight in ink and watercolor.
sketching at the camping orange lantern

Then I realized that probably is better to enlarge the focusing range and to include the main view in front of me, and some more as you can see here: even the beach towels are main characters in my sketching. I realized that probably this one shows better our feeling here in the camping. It took a lot of time, but I’ve no rush and I’m on vacation so time well spent with my love, with the birds tweeting and the lizards hunting ants.
sketching at the camping beach tissues

I sketched also some more things, pine cones, lizards, and some were so ugly… Nad also some in the beach just before the sunset. Ok not every sketching goes okay… But I had as always a great time with my love and with my self. And also as Danny Gregory says “please DO waste art materials”: I did it.
I used some of best watercolors available, my favourite Platinum Carbon Ink, my Faber-Castell pencils, my Lamy Safari is well used.

Yes, bread crumbs of happiness. At least for us.


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  1. Every time you post your words and drawings I know I will read something joyful and filled with living in the moment. Your child is so lucky to have such loving people for it’s parents…I’m sure you’ll pass on your wonderful attitude to this child. Even when you’re not feeling well, you still manage to make life joyful.

  2. Ho scoperto il tuo blog tramite Danny Gregory e mi piace la passione che ci metti nei tuoi disegni. Anche io sono dell’idea che bisogna “sprecare” i materiali artistici perché la soddisfazione dopo aver disegnato e colorato è ancora più grande.

  3. I really like the colors you choose, rich and vibrant. What a beautiful way to save the feelings of your vacation.

  4. I just enjoy your writing and drawings so much, Stefano! I look forward to seeing and reading about what you are up to next! Thank you for such heart sharing!

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