Sketching during the lunch break of some office things

Sketching during the lunch break of some office things

Today I’m sketching during the lunch break in the office because it’s raining. More, it’s raining like the sky is opening and all the water supply in the world is coming down. I heard of some colleagues stuck in the traffic with the streets all flooded and all manholes are exploding and jumping like something incredible.
We are having a very hot summer and this is the first rain of the season but, oh my goodness, we don’t want all the rain and water we owe only in a couple of hours! 🙂

By the way today I was obviously obliged to not go outside for lunch, so I decided to make my favorite hobby “sketching” during the lunch break, here seated on my desktop. 🙂

I just started to sketch what I have near to me over some recycled paper (bad prints) liberally without no fear of any smudging or crippling.
I used my (now) old Pilot V-Pen fountain pen – probably the best cheap disposable fountain pen in the world –  that I refilled with Black Noodler’s ink. Why I refilled I will tell you later. After I went with some watercolors just to have fun using my micro kit. Oh, and that’s also the new water brush that I’m testing the Kuretake Zig Waterbrush. Seems quite good…
That’s the result of sketching glue pot, oil pots and my strange button…
sketching in the office some objects on my desktop

Sorry for the bad pics but they are taken with my phone.

Here also some more sketching that I’m collecting, not made today, while talking on the table with my colleagues, just in ink with the above mentioned fountain pen and obviously over some scrap pieces of paper.
sketching in the office moka italian coffee machine

I did also a sketch of a coconut monkey… I even colored it.
sketching in the office coconut monkey 03 So, having the chance to go for a sketch event not moving from our chair is up to us. Sketching can be really done everywhere and everything is worth to be sketched.

Hope you enjoyed!

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    1. Hello, it’s simple.
      You need just a pair of pliers. You pull from the side of the nib using the pliers until you feel a click. Then you can easily dimsantle the nib from the feeder, clean the inside, everything. after that you fill in with your favorite ink and re-assemble everything! done.

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