Sketching from Rome to Singapore to Dili

Sketching from Rome to Singapore to Dili

I’d like to show some sketching made while going from Rome to Singapore to Dili. I stopped over all these wonderful places and… suddenly popped out from my pocket one of my handmade micro sketchbooks. Yes I keep always one or two even near my passport pocket, believe me or not. At least I can use them as notebooks.

This time I sketched in two micro sketchbooks that are around 6cm x 6cm so around 2 inches of side. They are made with scrap paper from my office, also the cover are made from old folders: and I like to save in this sketchbooks all the prints, marks, labels and so what so to made more visible that are recycled.

Sketchingfrom Singapore to Dili 01

This sketching was done mainly in the time that I was not running between airports, and since I was leaving my wife alone for my new deployment, pregnant at the 8th month, 12000 km away so I awaited some good mood to sketch.

Here there is a sample image but please see later my gallery.

Sketchingfrom Singapore to Dili 10

So I was sketching in this tiny books, first of all because I’m shy despite my size, and to be discrete and quiet. Although sometimes is beautiful to have a pinch of vanity while you are sketching and people asks to you and says  “Oh you are so bravo. Cool!” or things like that, I like most of the time to be almost invisible.

Here the gallery of today, have fun and let me know what do you think about, sincerely!

All these sketches were made unbelievably, when I was in good mood first (you know with around 27 hours flight I had some chances…), with my faithful workhorse the Lamy Safari Fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon Ink. And the colors are as always my ever shining Winsor& Newton Artists’ inside my handmade micro kit and the Kuretake BrusH2o waterbrushes.




21 Replies to “Sketching from Rome to Singapore to Dili”

  1. I love the looseness of your sketches and the colours you used. You are very inspiring and funny too 🙂 I have never drawn in front of people and I think that would be a bit scary but you have inspired me. A bit of “bravo” is good too!

  2. Wonderful sketches! Your notebooks may be tiny but you captured a lot in that space. I always enjoy seeing sketches of passengers especially done on the plane. That way you have a pretty captive audience. You get some great color with your limited little palette.

  3. You are an inspiration, Stefano! Your work is very fluid and you capture the essence of each subject seemingly with ease…but we recognize and honor your thoughtful planning and approach. Great use of a small space!! And great way to recycle! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love all your sketches. It is so inspirational to hear how you find time. My favorite was your cover–the sentiment you wrote and the picture of the Singapore Skyline. Thank you for sharing!

  5. It is amazing what you can sketch onto a 2″ sketchbook. These are great to make from cut-offs after making a big sketchbook. I also re-visited your Micro-kit and I finally get that you just bought some half pans and put them in a tin box. I am about to make a Blick order and will add some Windsor Newton half pans to the order. Great stuff Stefano! I hope you don’t get sick of me telling you and I am so happy you are home again!!

    1. Ahhahaa tahnks Beth. No I’m not tired to read that I’m home again. 🙂
      Let me know about the micro kit you are building!

  6. I think a great many of these are wonderful sketches! Loose – and you really capture the moment.

    Love that your sketchbook is handmade – far better than a Moleskine, probably. I’ve got to do that, really..

  7. Delightful sketches, as always, Stefano. Amazing what you can capture in just a few inches of paper. I like the airplane food tray especially… if all the food was on the tray, then there’s no room for the sketchbook!

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