Sketching grab bag sketch

Why sketching the grab bag that I daily have with me?

Sketching after lunch, during the lunch break is good. You know,  going to spend few minutes of my lunch break on the pavilion near the sea, just few meters from my office it’s easy and enjoyable . A chat with some colleagues before going back to work, a nice air, wind, we are near the sea and the world starts turning good. And my daily sketch grab bag was capturing my attention.
With the zip opening wide opened as big mouth showing all their own teeth, that are all my fountain pens, mechanical pencil, pencil, water brush. It’s funny to me. And also I added the watercolor kit and the spiral bounded pad so to really show how I’m drawing and sketching.

Oh yes also my mobile phone. 🙂

Sketch of my sketching grab bag

I did it straight in ink with my beloved Lamy Safari Fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon ink over a  Winsor & Newton sketchpad and watercolors.


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