Sketching my lovely wife drawing in front of me

Sketching my love drawing in front of me

Sketching my love, my lovely wife, drawing in front of me because she is so pretty when she makes art, when she makes drawing, when she’s sketching, cooking. OK, she’s pretty every time of the day, every thing she do.
Yes, she is my favorite model but I like her as model only when she’s not posing. It’s pure sketching from life, and I like this kind of sketching so silent, discrete, full of respect.

Probably it sound too much romantic, too much I don’t know what but this is how I feel when I sketch her. It’s better than taking a picture of our moment because I can also add some more details, some more colors or I can easily take out details that I don’t want and add some more it’s always helpful.

Sketching my lovely wife drawing in front of me

This image shows that this sketch is still wet from some part, and the light strikes on it. I love a lot this drawing.

I made this sketch first in pencil, very lightly. Then I went with my Lamy Safari fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon Ink and the colors are my faithful Winsor & Newton watercolors.

Hope you will like it!

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