Sketching people near to the same wall

Sketching people near to the same wall.

It’s funny to be sketching and observing that the same place lives by different people in short span of time.
That’s what happen in the place I was sitting today. And I did some quick sketches. Very rough, but I liked them so much that I will do again this kind of sketching.

First of all a girl alone, in bad mood. She was wearing some ear buds, alone, listening and moving with music. But alone.


Then when she moved nervously, and suddendly appeared two young people, very happy having a great time in happy chatting. So I quickly sketched straight with the Rotring Art  Pen already loaded.

Sketch of guys talking near wall

I used to sketch with just some light washes with my usual watercolors and straight in ink just to not lose the moment.  Probably it’s not my best sketch but I think it will help me in improving my sketching straight with my fountain pen.

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