Sketching in Timor Leste a bus full of people

Sketching in Timor Leste a bus full of people

Sketching in Timor Leste a bus full of people: this is one of my sketching made while I was driving. I mean, I was always with my camera or my phone taking picture of interesting subjects. And I mean everything is interesting for people like me that is loving other cultures and places.

I’ve to be honest: this is a very common picture on my mind because it’s also a very common picture to see in all poor countries I was deployed, but especially in Africa where all the fantasies are coming reality. And since I’m sketching, I prefer to show my very personal sketches and not pictures.

So I took several pictures of this fascinating subject while I was in idle on the side of the street or stopped at the traffic light. Then I went to my room and I sketched this scene of people on the bus, more, spilling over the bus. I just let imagine how much people was inside in the bus (that is obviously without air conditioning) in a tropical weather where the air temperature is always far over 30°C and the humidity is always around 90%.

Here in Timor Leste I found several and very colorful bus. A rainbow of variation about the subject: different colors of the body, glamorous stickers sticked on the bus, different emptiness… I have to say that I’m love for this subject and so I shoot different picture on the matter and sketched some more.

Sketching in Timor Leste 19 bus full of people

For this sketching in my room I was in very good company: my faithful Lamy Safari with my lovely Platinum Carbon Ink and my foolproof watercolors Winsor & Newton Artists. And being in my room I used all my DaVinci brushes quite slowly.
What’s more… See you in the next post!

PS: I have more Lamy arriving on my desk and I think that soon I’d like to make one giveaway and probably one pen swap. Stay tuned.

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  1. Fantastic Stafano. I too have been fascinated by all the people who cram on a bus with packages, bags and sometimes animals. I do not envy that heat though – I love the cold and dry. I can almost feel the bus bumping down the road. and the ubiquitous scooters !! Great colors

  2. This came out really well…excellent color and I love the poses of the people hanging onto the bus. I’ve seen scenes like this and it definitely captures the life of the people. It is great that you were able to sketch while you were deployed. The sketches must have so much meaning to you.

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