Sketching two crabs a coal boat and a panorama

Sketching two crabs a coal boat and a panorama

This time I’d like to share some good sketching two crabs and another view of my old city from the monument, from the opposite side of the port.

So, today I found some time for sketching during lunch. It’s a pleasant and windy day, and I like windy days, and when there is wind from the North the better. Fresh and cleaning wind. So during the lunch break I went to the pavilion near my office for sketching something and this time what catched my attention was (sigh) the big coal boat unloading, and the related cranes. It’s very far from the ideal distance for sketching but I tried the same, just to pass time in the wind.
sketching coal boats

And also to appreciate the new (for me) Cobalt Blue watercolor: now I can understand why the cobalt blue is so good and used for the skies, at least from my latitude: it’s the same color of the sky above my. Just few touches and I reach the same hue.

Later, after work I went lazily out with my bike. I was in the wood seat, a bit lower than usual. So I used to lower the horizon making a different panorama, sketching the old city, leaving more room for the sky and for the washes with the cobalt blue again. Just an excuse to use it more? Maybe. 🙂 I’ve also to try to test the Perylene Green, and I’ve to admit again that it’s a hue that you can have by mixing color but the intensity and the ease of use of this green in the palette is worth to mention. Added to my palette.
sketching port from the monumento

The sun is going down quickly and as you can see above I took this picture while the sketch pad was on my legs, and the sun was saying to me bye-bye. So also this marvellous yellow-orange hue.

By the way a s surprise while going back home. M y mother gifted to me some crabs, and so that’s what I cooked and eaten with my love. Once out from the boiling water they had a stunning red-orange color. Thank you mother nature for the food and for these colors.
So I took a picture and after dinner I sketched the crabs five times on different pads! I really felt in love of this image, and here a sample taken from the pocket SeaWhite Sketch Pad.

sketching crabs

I sketched these crabs using all my best equipment, with full saturated colors. I sued the Lamy Safari filled with Platinum Carbon Ink, my faithful Winsor & Newton Artists’ colors spreaded with the Kuretake Zig BrusH2O waterbrushes. I’m going to love more these waterbrushes because the are not so watery as the Pentel ones, and this gives me more control and more saturated and vibrant colors while sketching.
For the lettering I used the Pentel Brush fude Pen.

Hope you like this sketching!



7 Replies to “Sketching two crabs a coal boat and a panorama”

  1. Love the crabs…my favorite food from the sea. I love the colors you’ve used to paint them. I’ll check out the Zig H20 brushes…what size are you using? They are very different than the ones I have on hand.

  2. Beautiful sketches! I love the vibrant color of the crabs. I ordered a set of the Zig waterbrushes after reading how much you liked them in an earlier post. They just came came yesterday and do seem to work better than the ones I have been using. Thank you for recommending them.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m happy too to see that you liked my suggestions. It’s always a risk because these things becomes very personal…

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