Sketching while traveling to Laayoune

Sketching while traveling to Laayoune

I’m coming from a business travel to Laayoune, and obviously I was sketching some. This time sadly I was going to have a training and I went to this place only for few days. I know that I should spend more time near the desert: colors, air and light are wonderful. And I had really no time to sketch more from out. Just a couple of more sketches from pictures I took that are now in my travel diary and I will show probably later.

I used to sketch on one of my cheapo paper recycled hand-made sketch book. I just remind for one that don’t know me that it’s only around 14 pages of cheap photocopiers paper taken from wastes of my office, binded with old folder covers. Cheap. Recycled. Good. I love it since I stash them every where. Believe it or not I have several of them in all my bags…

Travel to Laayoune 01

So the sketching is in reality covering mainly only my stop in the airplane and in the airport of Casablanca, in Morocco. There I awaited the flight connection with my colleague that was with me, flying to Laayoune for the same training I attended.

First of all some airplane sketching, a classic: the meal (if you have the chance). My airplane was quite good and i started sketching soon. I soon ended because I was very tired and I woke up in the morning something like 4.00 AM.

Travel to Laayoune 02

Then later we arrived in Casablanca. I was really impressed about the modernity and the cleanliness of this airport. Probably most people expect something lower than average airport but this is not the case. Casablanca has a nice airport, full of people, and seating on a coffee bar in the national connections flight I started sketching. My colleague was near me and I was very excited to spend some time sketching. He was instead going on the Ipad.

My micro sketching kit mark II (yeah) and my Travel Leather cover are always with me. Always.

Sketching while traveling to Laayoune

Travel to Laayoune 10

Other sketching snapshots taken while seating. Yeah I was so happy to waste time in this way.

Travel to Laayoune 09 Travel to Laayoune 08 Travel to Laayoune 07

At a certain point I left the watercolors and I stopped to color and wash the lines. I went only going black and white using first my hated/loved Noodler’s Konrad.

Travel to Laayoune 06

Then going with Pigma Micron 0.3 becasue has always reliability over the tiring day I was searching for. I sketched this one, please notice on the background, always without one single line, without almost not leaving the point of the pen from the paperTravel to Laayoune 05

Travel to Laayoune 04

An I finished the day sketching my shoes. You know, I was having not that much mental and physical strength, but also one of my favorite subjects!

Travel to Laayoune 03

Just to let you know I used Noodlers Black, Noodlers Konrad Flex pen (not so suitable for travels, sometimes leaks while you are in the airplane), Pigma Micron Pen and Winsor & Newton Artists’ Watercolors.

Hope  you liked this sketching!


12 Replies to “Sketching while traveling to Laayoune”

  1. Airport travel is always a good subject for sketches. There are always people around and they usually stay in one place for a while. These are great!

  2. Always great to see and read another of your posts. Did you know you New Balance trainers are made near my house in Maine?? Hope your training was enjoyable and mother and baby are well and growing!! Blessings

    1. Hello Beth,
      Thank you! I love New Balance shoes… I think that’s another reason to go to Maine and make new life over there! For what I was reading Maine is an enjoyable state for many reasons!

  3. Lively and fresh sketches! The best way to kill time in airports. Do you hate your Noodler’s only because it leaks on the plane? Or other reasons? I hated mine so much that I finally gave it to a friend who loves Noodlers.

    1. I hate Noodler’s pen becasue first of all they leak on the plane randomly, and second all they are not reliable at all.
      But I love Noodlers becasue I can have a flex pen for few bucks, they are highly customizable, and also when they are running okay they are great writing instruments. In some way I can make their defects something unique and I appreciate them becasue they are in some way “not perfect”. Once you know that, you can get your peace of mind.
      Still love/hate!


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