Sketching with Diamine Grey – Two greys ink review pt. 2

Sketching with Diamine Grey – Two greys ink review pt. 2

So these are some practical examples, MY WAY, of sketching with Diamine Grey and Lamy Safari EF nib over a pocket sketchbook. The book is multimedia seized pages, so probably, in not seized sheets it will do better speaking as permanence and waterproofing.
In fact after some rough tests on photocopiers paper it behaved better.

Here the outlines. The gorgeous hue of grey I love that so much.
sketching with grey ink 01
Click here for a larger version

So these are the outlines.

I later used a large Zig Waterbrush for washing. I used deliberately a larger water brush so to see the “artistic” ink resistance. In some parts it almost disappears if you go over and freely. But if you go around just after the line gives deepness to the colors I think, without no over presence. Like sketching with a bolder pencil, in my opinion.
sketching with grey ink 003 low
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And finally here another really quick sketch made almost at night, let’s say an advanced sunset. I mixed everything, lines, washes, pencil and I even went over with the grey ink again. It’s not bad at all I think.
sketching with grey ink 04

Here on my journal that has lightly ivory papers. I didn’t washed a lot, just filled the spaces, and I like it a lot.
I worked here with my dip pen and sometimes bleeded. I don’t care… 🙂
sketching journal ikea

Now next steps will be that after I finish this vial of Diamine Grey I will go for the Noodlers Lexington Grey. I’m expecting outstanding water resistance and a more darker color, but slightly less appealing to me.
And I will post again.

These are just my first steps into greys and I hope the will help all of you. Sometimes it’s better to experiment on your own and not laying on other reviews, please consider mine just as a start or to encourage you to sketch and experiment more if you can!

Discussion is open, please comment as you wish!

14 Replies to “Sketching with Diamine Grey – Two greys ink review pt. 2”

  1. I am fairly new to all this and haven’t seen any of your other posts but I like your sketches very much – I must admit I had never though about using a grey ink! It looks really good. I shall look for some in the wolds of Scotland! Thank you

  2. I am with you Gray ink anything is wonderful. So much nicer in thr finished piece than black. Hurray for Gray markers and inks too.

    1. Thank you Denise!
      It’s true, hurrah for the other greys.
      Obviously such things are requiring also some experience to make. But that’s the fun side, experimenting!

  3. I just ordered Noodlers Lexington and Diamine grey plus Noodlers polar brown. I Liked you comparison part1. I also like you after sunset sketch

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