Starting sketching in Rome

Start sketching in Rome

Starting sketching in Rome is not easy as anyone can imagine and is also a lot intimidating.Do You know why? Because Rome is like an open museum and wherever you go, whatever you want to sketch is there, and there is a lot. Probably too much.
Do you like to sketch people? Rome is full of people but not crowds as a sardine can. Do you love to pass all your time sketching churches? Rome is a church with some more other things. Do you like to have infinite sketching sessions or bigger sketch crawls loving all single bricks, stones, sculptures, cars, facades, avenues, two thousand years old ruins or modern buildings? Rome has all of this and more.

So that the reason because I was worried and a bit dazed and confused (cit.) while even pulling out the pen from my grab bag or from my pocket!
Also I’m conscious that I’m in Rome not for sketching 24/h but to have some nice time with my lovely wife. Luckily she likes also to write and to draw but I cannot stop every ten meters to sketch a gargoyle or an old column… I will… But I have also a conscience! 😉

Going all day around is tiring, without no doubts. And in Rome with 36C Celsius is even worst. Luckily in Rome there are plenty of fountains (beautiful fountains ehehehe). So I really started sketch ing while relaxing in Piazza Venezia, near the Vittoriano. And I started sketching the King Vittorio Emanuele riding a horse. Quickly on my SeaWhite Sketchbook.
Sketching Vittorio Emanuele riding a horse

Then while we were trying to chill more under the shadow of some trees I went for sketching bronze statues on the Vittoriano. They are on top of very thin columned they are meaning Justice, Freedom and Victory. I think.
Sketching statues of Vittoriano

Probably a life is not enough to sketch all the art masterpieces that Rome has, but I tried sketching the two churches in Piazza Venezia. It was almost sunset (time pass quickly when sketching) over the Moleskine Sketching pad (uhmmm I will talk about it in another post) gifted today from my love.
I enjoyed a lot to sketch these two church but I had no time to complete all the coloring. probably one day later or not, I don’t care, now they are good like that. Patience is over!:)
Sketching the two church in Piazza Venezia

Obviously I did some more sketching but blogging during night is hard.

As always I used my Lamy Safari fountain pen filled with Platinum Carbon Ink, and Winsor&Newton Watercolors. And thanks to SeaWhite of Brighton in making these good tiny sketch pads and a ciao to Moleskine Sketch books that this time hmm…


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  1. I so agree with you, Rome is one huge open museum!! When I was there I could not help but keep asking do the people of Rome realize what they have??…do they, in the mad rush of every days life, stop for just a minute and appreciate walking on the grounds of best museum on earth??…

    1. Marie, I’ve to spread a big good word for people living in Rome. They really love and they are so proud of their city. Really.

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