My baby at the park

My baby at the park

During the lunch break of today I sketched this picture of my baby at the park.
Outside there is a grey, windy and rainy weather. These weather conditions does not allow to go around for sketching to any sketcher
Something like that, and it’s going even worst. I’m not afraid of any weather at all, but to have my sketchbook torn and wet… Only if I decide to do that! 🙂

my baby at the park 02

that’s the way because I decided to go for sketching the picture took at the park last Sunday morning.we went out with the tricycle and she was so happy. I did also few pictures and short videos with my phone that I will load on Vimeo probably.

This my daily sketch of my baby. I made this sketching in very shirt time from the phone. He was riding the tricycle and I loved it to see his face smiling at the park.
I’m horrible with portraits but at least I can record my feelings for our small man. I tried to keep his fantastic smile. I hope I did it.

my baby at the park 01

I made this sketching using my old faithful horses, the Lamy Safari filled with Noodler’s Gray Ink, the Winsor&Newton Artists water colors using the Kuretake Waterbrushes.


And finally bye bye Moleskine. I will use your notebook until they are over.
As far I can find from friends, I’m now using Stillman&Birn Beta sketchbooks: simply nice.

I blogged with this tiny jewel having a break on my bed while listening on Deezer the last album of Bruce Springsteen. It’s my birthday, today I can even relax.
iPad mini strikes again guys!

Sketching today after work a test with Noodler’s Gray ink

Sketching today after work a first test with Noodler’s Gray ink

Today finally, after work, I can have some sketching. It’s some time that I’m struggling to find a couple of hours to do that, just to recharge batteries. So I took also the chance to make  a first test run of serious 🙂 sketching with Noodler’s Lexington Gray ink, the second grey (or gray…) that I was reviewing before.

In few words my thought: Diamine Grey is a wonderful ink, like pearl grey, incredible, elegant, flowy ink. But not waterproof, can even disappear on certain papers with heavy washes. It will be my favorite ink for writing, for serious writing or sketching without any watery substance: filled on my best fountain pen.
Noodler’s Lexington Gray is artistically speaking in my opinion less appealing from the point of view of the color. It’s deeper in color than the Diamine Grey, it’s more like a slate grey, some shading, stronger in saturation. Artistically speaking I know that I’m not that genius but this ink is waterproof and more so is very very interesting from this point of view if not highly desirable!

By the way, few minutes ago, I went into our new fresh cool space for making some little art. I emptied first my faithful Lamy Safari from the last drop of Diamine Grey ink, and I filled the Noodler’s Lexington Grey. I started journaling on my dear journal in this environment. Very quiet environment (yes outside is raining but who cares…) just Dianne Reeves as musical background.
sketching today after work with noodlers gray 01

So this is the last sketch over the journal after several washes, using full water on the SeaWhite of Brighton sketch pad that is not heavily seized, and thick watercolors. The behavior is excellent.
sketching today after work with noodlers gray 02

A crop to have some more details. I’m very happy until now.
The other try will be soon on deep seized paper or the Moleskine Watercolor pad…
sketching today after work with noodlers gray 03

I can say that all my previous statement are confirmed, more, going over my expectations. This is a great ink for any sketching, journaling, doodling and many other artistic purposes, even calligraphy or simple note taking. Is a tough grey, is waterproof, and almost no feathering or bleeding. The color is a bold grey, and it’s so nice for my sketching tastes.
I love it.

I have to buy both inks now… Done!

Now I go, my wife is coming and I have to cook the dinner!


Diamine Grey and Noodler’s Gray review (my way)

Diamine Grey and Noodler’s Gray review (my way)

I don’t do very often reviews, because first of all I am not a professional but simply an enthusiastic that loves to scribe doodle and sketch with almost everything passes in hand.

This time I’d like to share what’s behind my review: I’m simply thinking to make sketching outlines with a grey ink instead of using a black ink. It happened make some sketching, with full colors, watercolors washes and so forth, where no matter the thickness the line, it looked to me that the black line was simply too much.
In few words, I’m thinking about using greys (or grays in american…) for outlining the sketching from time to time. Doing so not to have a pencil like line, but simply a more delicate line.

Luckily I know already Goulet Pen Company, where I can order ink samples. And that’s fantastic. So I ordered the Diamine Grey and the Noodler’s Lexington Gray. Plus two more ehehehe 🙂

I did like that

  • I used my favorite dip pen for writing and quick doodling
  • I made deliberately some smudging with a cotton tipped bud so to test the smearing and the water resistance.
  • If I feel comfortable from the first second  of inking the page it’s okay.

Here the pictures of the samples made on SeaWhite of Brighton All-Media Sketch Pad. I tried to make my best for the rendering on computer display  these fabulous inks.
Greys review 01


Greys review 02

Diamine Grey: Very fluid and a gorgeous fantastic color. It’s not a washed black nor a medium hardness pencil grey. It looks to me like a pearl grey, very pleasant for the eye. Writing for that is clear from the very first moment that can be an elegant experience.
I think that it will be great ink for fountain pens per Diamine tradition.
Not that water-resistant, smears, but it’s not written anywhere smear proof or water proof, and probably is not meant for that, but just for a great and pleasant writing. Probably also pleasant sketching. No smell.

Noodler’s Lexington Gray: A great hue of grey, like a light slate grey. darker than the Diamine. It’s like a good darker grey as per a well sharpened medium soft pencil.
Also this one is very pleasant for the eye, more bold and visible.
It’s completely waterproof, bulletproof as stated in the specs. Tested also in a piece of paper under the tap. Great behaviour in this meaning.
Smears a bit, just a bit but always less than Noodler’s black (at least less visible) but I think is because this paper.

My conclusions: I prefer the Diamine Grey for the color. Simply stunning and not too light. I think is a great writer. At the opposite if you want something waterproof this could be not your ink.
I prefer Noodler’s Lexington Gray for the water resistance. It’s a bulletproof gray and probably for artistic purposes is better if you want it. It’s a bit thicker than Diamine Grey.
The color is darker than I was expecting but nothing bad, absolutely! Probably other people likes it more, and I know people crazy for this ink.

What to buy? I’m still undecided! The best should be both, but we are on world crisis, yo know.
If I have to choose by the color, personally I will go for Diamine Grey without any doubt. If I have to choose the water resistance I have to go for the Noodler’s Lexington Gray.

I will let you know, or more probably you will discover in the next posts which will be my choice.

I hope this post will help you, let me know your comments!