Because Nonna Says

Because Nonna Says

Come to us tomorrow. We have want to fry just fishes. Let’s have a meal together.

Oh yes, this kind of oily and salty temptation was really well accepted.
Obviously something sketched here was only a minor part of what she cooked. Note that me and our family are not starving for now, but you now, nonna (and mamma also) makes these delicatessen for love. Big love

For the sake of accuracy there was (notice the past tense) mussels, cod, big shrimps and many other smaller fishes on this plate.

I’m loving this Noodlers Walnut, for the technicians says, it not fully waterproof but really loving the tone.


Eat them or sketch them? Exquisite question on chocolate truffles 


Eat them or sketch them? Exquisite question on chocolate truffle.
Lucky you skinny boys and girls!

any can find an easy reply on this answer. Me not. So I went for both. But differently from many other times I first sketched this wonderful truffles, and then they made my day.

Currently I love this as just an attempt to color my lunch break. Not even a good sketch but I enjoyed a bit to making it. Fluorescent lamps and office desk no, it does not give good light.




Loving my Noodlers Konrad Im having excellent flow and variations with Noodlers Black ink. But I remember now why i preferred the carbon ink. Too much smudge, it will work perfectly on cheap paper but so and so on artists papers… And takes a long to dry.



A great swap this february

great swap 01

A great swap is here!

I was missing a swap since a long time. It’s not that I don’t want to make a swap with friends, it’s simply that I didn’t find the time to make it. Also choosing the right things to swap is hard. I usually go to swap something that I love and not something that I don’t need. That’s to me a big difference.

Well this the time for a great swap.

February swap 01

Everything is brand new. Everything has a good reputation and quality.

I’m swapping this Noodler’s Konrad Tahitian Tortoise fountain pen, still untouched. Just to go out of the box. February great swap 02

one of my pocket Leather cover (the #5 made) and the glorious Moleskine Cahiers.

February great swap 03

Although Moleskines are not the best with fountain pens, the before mentioned fountain pen can be tweaked. That means that you can almost run dry with ink (and in this case will be excellent for ‘skines) or you can have a gusher. Anyway, it’s here!   What to do to take part to this great swap? Simple! Just comment on bottom of this post  what you would like to swap. Be creative! Everything is art related is fine: books, materials, brushes, paper, great hand carved mugs, another pen, another notebook… I don’t know!

Whatever. Just be creative.

Just some outlines

Just some outlines

Well the time is going even shorter in these days and I had the time to sketch barely some outlines.
I went out other pavilion near my office and had some time. I was finding inspiration about the sketching of today but I found none to sketch. Or I was just bites about the same subject to draw,I was lazy to move to somewhere else place.

Well I had also a chat with a colleague. A nice chat, easy about this and that. Fifteen minutes to the end of the lunch break, still no inspiration and I was with my sketchbook open and pens ready to roar. I was just painting lazily one or two birds on top of page.

Just Outlines 01

No inspiration.
Suddenly I decided, I will sketch just what I have in front of me again. I have just to start and I just let go. I was zooming with my eyes just a little side of what I had in front if me.
A selective focusing, very selective.

Yes, I’m not the majestic Michelangelo, the one who bring out the power of unfinished project , powerful as one fully finished. Find here information about the “non finito” in Italian or here in English by Wikipedia.

But inspired to do that I decide this time to go only for just some outlines, few strokes with my fude pen and nothing more.

And this is the result. An incomplete piece, just outlines. Few strokes of brush pen and a lot to be done more, eventually some watercolors strokes. But I will leave as that.
Still the result I think is enough understandable.

Just Outlines 02

Companions of this strange adventure are my faithful workhorses, Lamy Safari with Noodler’s Gray ink, Platinum Fude pen and Stillman&Birn sketchbook.

What else?

My baby at the park

My baby at the park

During the lunch break of today I sketched this picture of my baby at the park.
Outside there is a grey, windy and rainy weather. These weather conditions does not allow to go around for sketching to any sketcher
Something like that, and it’s going even worst. I’m not afraid of any weather at all, but to have my sketchbook torn and wet… Only if I decide to do that! 🙂

my baby at the park 02

that’s the way because I decided to go for sketching the picture took at the park last Sunday morning.we went out with the tricycle and she was so happy. I did also few pictures and short videos with my phone that I will load on Vimeo probably.

This my daily sketch of my baby. I made this sketching in very shirt time from the phone. He was riding the tricycle and I loved it to see his face smiling at the park.
I’m horrible with portraits but at least I can record my feelings for our small man. I tried to keep his fantastic smile. I hope I did it.

my baby at the park 01

I made this sketching using my old faithful horses, the Lamy Safari filled with Noodler’s Gray Ink, the Winsor&Newton Artists water colors using the Kuretake Waterbrushes.


And finally bye bye Moleskine. I will use your notebook until they are over.
As far I can find from friends, I’m now using Stillman&Birn Beta sketchbooks: simply nice.

I blogged with this tiny jewel having a break on my bed while listening on Deezer the last album of Bruce Springsteen. It’s my birthday, today I can even relax.
iPad mini strikes again guys!