On the way to work – A bridge

On the way to work –  A bridge

On the way to work –  Speaking mainly of a bridge over a way that I pass every single day. It’s my connection for the rest of the world, believe it or not.

And I like it, I like it so much. Why exactly I don’t know. But I suppose to love this way because it changes suddenly and very often on my eyes.

It rains on November? The Bridge is flooded. Look at that earthy tone on the right, the day after are green covered in many grasses and yellow flowers.
And what about that tree on the left? Well just few days after is starting to become more green and full of leaves.

Yes, sometimes we love something that catches our attention for unknown reasons. Do you happen to you also?


On the way to work bridge 01

Other strange facts is that I sketched this bridge based on a bad picture taken while I was on my scooter. It is clearly seen because I’m on the street. I think this is another way to take a visual note, when something flashes in your mind and you cannot sketch live for several reasons!

I sketched this two pages of my Stillman and Birn Beta completely in half an hour, slowly like I like to do when I have some time. I started to draw the outlines with my Lamy Safari filled with Platinum Carbon. Slight return of my faithful workhorse. Then I went with the washes and I used my Winsor&Newton Artists’ watercolors. And because I was at home I sketched used this time the best brushes I have. Strange they are in a travel format but. Well they are  the Escoda Reserva Sable Travel Set. They are fantastic and I can only say that they really improved my washing. And coming from daily use of waterbrushes is not easy.



Just some outlines

Just some outlines

Well the time is going even shorter in these days and I had the time to sketch barely some outlines.
I went out other pavilion near my office and had some time. I was finding inspiration about the sketching of today but I found none to sketch. Or I was just bites about the same subject to draw,I was lazy to move to somewhere else place.

Well I had also a chat with a colleague. A nice chat, easy about this and that. Fifteen minutes to the end of the lunch break, still no inspiration and I was with my sketchbook open and pens ready to roar. I was just painting lazily one or two birds on top of page.

Just Outlines 01

No inspiration.
Suddenly I decided, I will sketch just what I have in front of me again. I have just to start and I just let go. I was zooming with my eyes just a little side of what I had in front if me.
A selective focusing, very selective.

Yes, I’m not the majestic Michelangelo, the one who bring out the power of unfinished project , powerful as one fully finished. Find here information about the “non finito” in Italian or here in English by Wikipedia.

But inspired to do that I decide this time to go only for just some outlines, few strokes with my fude pen and nothing more.

And this is the result. An incomplete piece, just outlines. Few strokes of brush pen and a lot to be done more, eventually some watercolors strokes. But I will leave as that.
Still the result I think is enough understandable.

Just Outlines 02

Companions of this strange adventure are my faithful workhorses, Lamy Safari with Noodler’s Gray ink, Platinum Fude pen and Stillman&Birn sketchbook.

What else?

The Ferry Boat

The Ferry Boat

I work near the sea and lunch break table are only two meters from the sea-side. I have always in front of me good things and bad things. I will list only good things: sea, the ferry boats, the smell of the sea, fishermen, tugs, fisherman’s boat (so wonderful).

This time the ferry-boat is on the boat side in a strange way, almost perpendicular giving me the chance to sketch in this way.

ferry boat 02

The air was clean and there was a lot of quiet around. Just a cormorant quacking and  i love nature’s sounds. But it was windy and it took quite longer time than my patience to sketch this ferry-boat. I sketched trying to add more details as possible without losing my soul: devil is in the details, especially when note taking or the visual equivalent sketching. and I was having also a quite clean lines for sketching. Slowly but good.

ferry boat sketching 01


And this is the result in my brand new Stillman&Birn sketchbook. So pleased how this book is taking all my bad field washes. The seizing is simply good and I love it.My respect for this brand, focused on artist needs is growing. Well, in Europe is hard battle but I think Stillman&Birn can have their leading role.

ferry boat sketching
Welcome back Lamy Safari with EF nib filled with Platinum Carbon Ink and Kuretake waterbrush filled with Diamine Grey Ink for the note taking.
And what about the colors packed in a small tiny black box. Gorgeous. Thank W&N!



Panino al Salame

Panino al Salame

Believe me or not I bought this panino al salame (salami roll but more tasty to say in italian, sorry) just to sketch it. Yes of course it was a speedy sketching. Because it was also my lunch too.

To make long story short I needed something to east for lunch. I went out to check something not only good for the belly but good for the soul and for the eyes. Dont know why I choose this one and that was so good.

Seated in front of the sea on the pavilion near my office I sketched very freely, and of course quickly! Because it was my lunch!

Panino al salame 01 Panino al salame 02

Please notice the big bites. Just the time to take some pictures with my phone and the panino is gone. 🙂

I’m changing my habits a bit and I’m sketching on Stillman&Birn sketchbooks.And the more I sketch them, the more I love them! Soon a review of mine and full details about. Just needing the time to make a powerful leather cover for the Stillman&Birn Beta Notebook that I’m testing with several techniques.

I’m also rediscovering my Pentel and all fude pens. Throwing away any soft nib pen, to me these are the real bargain. I can draw a hair thin line or powerful strokes with deep rich black and waterproof expression.
Also I’m saying that a bit of black in every drawing is like pepper: it adds spicy aroma!

In this drawing I switched to Pigma Micron Pen instead of my usual Lamy Safari with EF nib. Watercolors? Always there my Winsor&Newton Bijou Box along with my faithful workhorses the Kuretake Zig water brushes.

Always in hurry, let’s go back to the office!

PS: so difficult to blog with the Iphone… I need at least an Ipad to blog on the move!

Orange Noisy People

Orange Noisy People

Some Orange Noisy People, as know as lawn mowers and grass maintainers were approaching my window. I’m not scared, with your machines ranting like machine guns. :)Noise like the world is going to mix a lawn mower within me. Yes I have also some headache since yesterday.

I just write these works with a lot of kidding. I have huge respect for all kind of works, and for all kind of workers of any place in the world. Having a job today is something more precious that the treasure of the Captain Kidd.

And you have also a nice bright safety orange jackets.

Today I was so busy, and I had barely the time to bite a raw toast but the urge of sketching told me that I should carry out. Despite the noise.
So I want on the window and that was my view. It’s not a great pic but it’s worth to be noted. It renders the situation tough.

Orange noisy people 04

So since I dare (…) while they were working I quickly pose some pencil lines of some of them. Trying to focus on movements, poses and not going too much into details. Marc Taro Holmes gave me a real inspiration on how sketching people while moving.

Now I use the pencil most of time only to follow that way of sketching. First going  with few light lines so to see something as  people on the move, and later outlining with a black pigmented pen. Two days that I’m betraying my Lamy Safari EF nib with Pigma Sakura Pen. 🙂

After that I went back on my desktop and I finished sketching by going over the pencil with some outlines. I also added the color washes by memory (or slightly inventing as said by someone I know). Stillman&Birn notebook is accepting water washes with ease. Colors seems also to stay more shiny over the surface.

Orange noisy people 01

Of course not all results are good but as my opinion every for or five bad sketches there is one barely acceptable. And so it was also here in this sketchbook. Laugh with me on some details.

Orange noisy people 02 Orange noisy people

Sorry for the bad pics,  but I’m more often using my Iphone to take pictures for blogging. And that’s bad probably but I’m always running out of time!

Pen of the day: Pentel Fude Brush Pen. Don’t ask me why. Find it and buy it. After some experiencing you will love it as all pocket brushes fude pens.


Candies and Chocolate bars

Candies and Chocolate bars

Candies and  chocolate bars, sweets.
Any kind of sweet is very welcome while having hard work and a little time.
They are usually wrapped in fantastic colors, and somewhat dreaming images of what it’s (not exactly) inside.
The salvation is only one! Take two. One is for eating the other one is for sketching.
The soul feels fantastic. The mouth is full of paradise. The liver a bit less. The belly is gone. The blood is going sweet. Not bad. At all.

I’m using my fantastic Winsor & Newton Bijou Box. And a Pigma Pen. My Leather Travel Cover is going with me everywhere and tells me about fantastic stories. Overall the stories of when I was younger and  twenty kilograms ago.

Not that much writing today, just enjoying. Remembering.

Candies and chocolate bar

Just a detail. It’s gone.

candies chocolate bar

The drawing could be better but eating my favorite chocolate candy is priceless. famous brands, same damage to the body.

Candies and chocolate bar

In few minutes I realized how much I love chocolate under stress. But my goodness the sketching is saving me from the accidental ingestion of kilograms of chocolate. At least at work.

Candies and  Chocolate bars, sweets. Use with wise sense of humour and less than your eyes want. Wash the after eating that.

Lunch break!  🙂


Me Loves Camping

Me Loves Camping

Me Love Camping is like a childish way to say I’m crazy for the camping. I wrote about the camping even some time ago, you can read here some.

So each year, among many sacrifices we try to go for camping at least for one week.
The feeling of freedom and the expanded sense of time is fantastic. If you add plenty of barbecues, pitch black nights with your family and a fantastic sea place you wonder why I love that.

This year was even more challenging because it’s the very first time with our baby. Yes, our baby has few months but enjoys camping while it’s (obviously) still not too much hot.
Moreover he likes to swim and to have a bath in the sea like a fish.
Proud Papa and Proud Mama.

Obviously there is also a chance to make some relaxed sketching. To be honest we didn’t sketched a lot like the other years without the baby. But was so rewarding, going more for quality. All family in action!

Even my pupo is reading and breathing good air and feeling good vibrations!

Me Love Camping

So first of all this was our panorama on sunset. Except the scary fences to protect the camping from unwanted visitors the seaside is beautiful.

Me Love Camping 03

I was sketching so quietly. Relaxing. Breathing. that not-that-skinny-guy seated in a tiny camping seat. Using the bigger seat to hold the notebooks. Wow. That’s what I think people was thinking about. just don’t care. In that moments I felt happy and free.

After all, I discovered that my tent neighbor was a sketching guy too. I made him a present and I gifted to him my current sketching as below.

Coincindence I was sketching on Winsor&Newton Post Card sized sheets of Watercolor Paper. Fantastic. I just left my address on the back of this paper and…

Me Love Camping 01

We were in wonderful conversation. I even made a sketch of a juniper tree, the same as above picture. I made it as a cover on my watercolors cahier. I gifted to him also this one.

Me Love Camping 05

You know, I made some more sketchings, but this one I will remember for life. Like the picture of my baby and my family all over the camping.
Today is heavy rain here, but I’m feeling warm.

That’s the final sense of sketching I suppose… If not, that’s mine. Remembers.