Join the World Watercolor Month for July 2016!

Join the World Watercolor Month for July 2016!

Watercolor what a fantastic tool!

Hello All,

I decided to join this fantastic challenge raised by Doodle Wash.

I love watercolors and as at least 97% of my sketches and doodles have some washes with watercolors I feel honored and having fun in following this great challenge.


What’s that probably you’re asking. It’s something good for the art, for the heart, for the soul and for the children.

Here from the site

It’s a month to inspire people to paint with watercolor while raising awareness for the importance of art and creativity in the world. And anyone can join the celebration from master watercolorists to artists just starting out with watercolor! Simply tag your watercolor art with #WorldWatercolorMonth during the month of July! Try the ultimate challenge of 31 watercolors in 31 days, or simply post when you can!


More info on the official page here


About this challenge I will catch this chance as an excuse to use a new Stillman&Birn Sketchbook and this is another good point. Undecided if using a heavier S&B and which format but at least I will use it for sure!

So let’s do it!

I will be there on Instagram as @Mostho and on Twitter @SketchingMostho

Rainy day over the Transport Section 

Rainy day over the Transport Section

I spent most of time today on the window to see that today the weather is so variable. This morning sun, now in the afternoon rainy.

So I wanted badly to go for sketching, but the time was not so sweet and with watercolor and paper there’s no good match with rain.

Well it took around 25 minutes to do this sketch that was making me so happy.
I first outlined all the structure starting from the bottom this time, trying to be accurate in proportion.

Later I went with my faithful Winsor&Newton watercolor washes. I did many, even if not seems so, achieving miscellaneous results. Next time I will pull out my travel Escodas that I’m thrilled to use (yes it happens when you’re not using since some time, long time)

I was very relaxed and focused, looking thru the window and the rain. I was listening excellent music guided by Deezer and there was not that much colleague around.
Did I wrote that I was sketching in our meeting room? No?

A big thanks to m y faithful equipment that I’m continuously rediscovering.
My Lamy with EF nib and Carbon Ink, Winsor&Newton watercolors in the Jewel box, the kuretake brushes and yes, the stunning sketchbook from Stillman and Birn.

Suddenly she was falling asleep 

Suddenly she was falling asleep

Yesterday afternoon while awaiting mamma, we were playing all together.

Me, Daniele and my daughter Viola on the seat. Talking, joking, listening child tunes. Having great time with them and the Play Doh putty.

In few seconds suddenly she was falling asleep. Is this a common scene among babies? I think so, wellit amaze me any time.

Probably I’m also a little envy of their absolute pureness.

So I made this during the lunch break.

I love your little daughter. You’re so much prettier than this ugly sketch… I apologize my sweet love!

On a side note I’m loving a lot these Pitt Pens in Sepia. Really nice.

As my lovely Stillman and Birn sketching book indeed.

Mysterious thoughts

Mysterious thoughts

You know cats are amongst the most mysterious animals that a family can have. My cat is even worst, it’s a kind of sociopath.

Coming back on topic, well this scene makes me feel a little bit sad. Every time I look at this scene with my cat at the window I feel struggling.

What are your thoughts my beloved savage cat? Are you feeling nostalgic? Are you going to love again the free and cruel places that gave you birth? Are simply spotting some little games? 

Am I wrong if I feel that you should go out and free, although you probably you will be not self sufficient for food procurement?

So I felt also the urge to make a sketch. An almost monotone sketching. Rough and not fully definite like my feelings (excuse? I did it in only 10 minutes).

I know it should be darker and with more contrast but I wasn’t able.

I really care about you my dear cat. My Amelie.

Coffee Machine Bialetti

Coffee Machine Bialetti
This morning I arrived very very early in the workplace. there was cleaning ladies occupying my work room so I decided to seat in our meeting room to wait the cleaning. But suddenly the little monster was going out for a walk so I took chance of what I had in front of me.

Coffee Machine

Making mine, my same lesson I started to sketch (very inspired indeed) the coffee machine. It’s a nice coffee machine, it’s one of the best italian brands called “Bialetti”. It’s shining aluminium texture and the cloudy weather did the rest.

I’m very happy for this sketching, apart from the results, because I took a chance, a strange occasion let’s say to make one of my favorite sketches. It’s wrong, it’s not perfect but I did it.

Coffee Machine

And also for today the little monster is a little defeated. I just have to dare again.