A Very Warm Day a Quick Sketch

A Very Warm Day a Quick Sketch

Today is a crazy day speaking about weather.
The air is crazy hot and with humidity like the Victoria Lake. Almost I can’t breath. The colors are strange as the light is full of sand dust. Everything seems under a strange old style filter like the ones I use on the Iphone apps.

It’s really something incredible. Thermometric sticks to only 33C but the humidity is so high that I’m drinking not breathing. I feel very very hot, I can stay outside for few minutes.
I see even people playing in the basket playground near to me. Crazy people that stopped only after three minutes of first game: the hot shot given from the sky can be really harmful.

But I have some goals that keeps me to dare this hot weather and go out for a sketching


A thug one of the bigger ones was crossing the sea in front of me at the pavilion.
Sniped. In less than 10 minutes I washed these pages with watercolors and previously I dropped some loose outlines. I can’t dare that this is a proper sketch, whatever, I won at the end.


Well at least the sketching dries quicker.


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