Wonderful Sepia Ink by mixing Noodler’s and Platinum

Wonderful Sepia Ink by mixing Noodler’s and Platinum

I’d like to share a new wonderful sepia tone ink that I made by mixing two premium inks Noodler’s Black (the bulletproof of course) and Platinum Mix Free Earth Brown. If you want a great ink mixed I strongly believe you have to use two great inks as starting point.

I needed to refill my faithful Pilot V-Pen, the workhorse that I use at work for notes, signing, doodling and every task that a pen can do in the office without any worry. So yesterday after work I took the chance to refill it, it’s so easy, and to change the color of the ink. Why not.
Coincidence, I’m searching for a good brown tone, to use for artistic works and to use for calligraphy or writing. So I took the chance again and this fantastic pen is the first actor.

So I decided to mix the Noodler’s Black, one of the best around, since it’s also bulletproof, and my lovely Platinum Mix Free Earth Brown: you know I love this earthy colored ink, but I needed also something more on the darkest side rather that on the reddish side so I did a first attempt. Roughly, I mixed the darkest color in smaller proportion into the lighter color, as normal color would do.
I think I did it so okay at the first attempt that I really feel very very satisfied and I will look no further for a brown or sepia.
The color obtained is a wonderful sepia, or a dark chocolate or like a burnt umber with a pinch of ivory black. I really love it, and today at work I’m finding any excuse to write and doodle today and the more I write, the more I love this color.

More I will let you see more on this picture I took this picture.
For the writing I used the Noodler’s Ahab Flex fountain pen for the Platinum Mix Free earth Brown  and a Rotring Art pen for the Noodler’s Black.

ink-mixing-noodlers-black-plus platinum earth brown

I even used my Pilot V-Pen without the metal nib. Just the feeder straight, jus to have a line like a marker. Very bold so to show more

mixing noodlers black and platinum-earth-brown-02

So finally I went writing with the fountain pen refilled. A very nice flow!

mixing noodlers black and platinum-earth-brown-03

mixing noodlers black and platinum-earth-brown-04

In conclusion I get crazy for this ink, at the first attempt! Yeah! It flows nicely, it’s not bleeding even on this cheapo paper from a common notebook you can find for 20c.
The color is dark, deep and pleasant. More, it should be almost bulletproof, smearing just a bit on not seized paper. Perfect.

Sorry for the ugly pictures taken with my phone but I think you can see from here the beauty of this color. I will post later a sketching done with this ink, few minutes later.


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